<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Grease Monkey</TITLE> <style> A:link {color:#001F80; text-decoration:none} A:hover {color:#0037D4; text-decoration:underline} A:visited {color:#001F80; text-decoration:none} A:hover {color:#0037D4; text-decoration:underline} body {font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Verdana; color:#000000; font-size:10pt} td {font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Verdana; color:#000000; font-size:10pt} </style> </HEAD> <BODY bgcolor=white><center><br> <a href=http://www.greasemonkeyintl.com/center/431 target=_blank><img src=logo.png width=200 height=86 border=0></a><br> <font face="Times New Roman" size=4><b>Preventative Maintenance Pro</b></font><br><br> 685 S. Salisbury Blvd<br> Salisbury, MD 21801<br> 410-742-0828<br> <a href=mailto:delmarvagreasemonkey@verizon.net>delmarvagreasemonkey@verizon.net</a><br><br><Br> <table border=0 cellpadding=3 cellspacing=0 width=700><tr> <td bgcolor=pink> Give the gift of love, and help wipe out breast cancer with pink wiper blades available in all sizes to fit every vehicle. A portion of the proceeds go to "Breast Cancer Research"! You'll love supporting the cause, and the price too... it's the same as a regular set of wiperblades from Grease Monkey! Get yours today!</td> <td width=200><center><img src=http://www.delmarvabroadcasting.com/ads/greasemonkey/autotex.png width=125 height=129 border=0></a></td> </tr></table> <br>