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We work with thousands of advertisers across four states. Our customers include sole proprietors, small and regional businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. We are proud of the long term relationships we've established helping people build their brand, grow market share and increase sales. Here are a just a few advertisers who are using our radio and digital platforms to market their companies. If you'd like more examples or general information on successful advertising campaigns in your area we'd be happy to share them.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing
Wilmington, DE

Facing a steady decline in results from their yellow pages advertising, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing turned to radio over ten years ago to establish a solid brand in northern Delaware. Radio’s cost effectiveness and ability to communicate an authentic message delivered week-in and week-out has made Benjamin Franklin Plumbing one of the best branded and most successful plumbing companies in the market.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing advertising features a consistent theme delivered by local franchise owner Ron Williams. Here’s an example of one of their commercials.

In addition to radio, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing further showcases their company where their potential new customers will find them. They have a premiere banner advertising position on WDEL.com and WSTW.com driving traffic to their web site. They have also partnered with WSTW and WDEL to be the title sponsor with an on-site presence at the very popular Wilmington Flower Market.

Ron Williams, owner of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing says, “the radio and local internet exposure provided by Delmarva Broadcasting and our partnership with them has made all of the difference in continuing to build our business. It takes time, but radio has effectively built our brand so that when someone needs a plumber they think of us first.”

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Ron Williams

Sunday Breakfast Mission
Wilmington, DE

"WDEL and WSTW have been extraordinary partners in the work and expansion of Sunday Breakfast Mission in the last decade. The relationship has been more than business, more like friendship. But that does not take away from the fact that our growth from 10,000 donors to 30,000 donors and from a small mission to the largest privately supported non-profit from Philadelphia to Baltimore has in no small way been due to the integrated marketing featuring a solid radio presence on Delmarva Broadcasting as a “piece of the pie”. But beyond that the hearts of the on-air talent and the staff of the stations show through in the help and care they give to the homeless, hungry and hurting through SBM. Thanks so much!"

Rev. Tom Laymon
Sunday Breakfast Mission

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Tom Layman

Eco Chic Boutique
Milford, DE

When you want to get your message out quickly, radio can deliver immediate, measurable results. Beyond branding, call-to-action advertising presents consumers with a specific offer, like a special sale or new product and invites them to your location or website.

Having a unique product or service can help your message stand out and get people's attention. EcoChic is an earth friendly boutique in downtown Milford, Delaware. Owner Teri Carter came to Delmarva Broadcasting to help promote her new store and they helped her develop a campaign earlier this year.

Teri recently told us, "Whenever I advertise on the radio, I know it works. I was on the air with Eagle 97.7 and Cool 101.3 for just two days and had a new customer who came in and made a purchase! She's actually coming back next week to buy another gift."

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Photo credit Maria DeForrest

Bethany Travel/Dream Vacations
Millsboro, DE

How can a single-office travel agency survive against all of the mega travel websites that promise one-stop shopping? By building their brand year round on Delmarva Broadcasting's radio stations in Central Delaware and Salisbury! With steady frequency and a consistent message Bethany Travel/Dream Vacations in Millsboro, Delaware not only survives… they thrive!

Cindy McCabeOwner Cindy McCabe, is a member of a special small business program that makes it possible for her to efficiently advertise twelve months a year on six of DBC's radio stations covering the Delmarva Peninsula.

“They hear your name over and over again on the radio. It has been very effective. I feel it has brought us lots of business, lots of new clients”, says McCabe.

McCabe's company offers the personal service you simply cannot get on the internet and they focus on that strength in all of their radio commercials.

“I give out my cell phone number to all of my clients. They can travel with piece of mind knowing that if anything comes up while they're traveling, I'm just a phone call away”, says McCabe Try getting that from a travel website!

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