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Is your business mobile friendly? It needs to be!

DBCiSmartphone usage in the United States is exploding. Use of iPhones, Galaxy's, Blackberry's and other web enabled Smartphones is growing exponentially and is expected to represent 65% of all cellphone users by the end of 2012.

These mobile devices have become essential parts of peoples' lifestyles offering instant access to friends, work and entertainment. They are also important tools for shoppers giving them a link to the web turning smartphones into portable, electronic directories able to look up products, services, companies and reviews as they decide where to spend their money. No one carries the yellow pages around in their pocket but everyone has a cellphone!

Radio is the original portable electronic media. Delmarva Broadcasting expands on this with a host of strategies to deliver your sales and branding message to consumers on their mobile device.

  • SMS TEXTING platform that engages listeners with text-2-win, text-4-offers, text-4-info options
  • Audio and video messages delivered through our free radio station APPS used by tens of thousands of people each month
  • QR Code design, implementation and promotion
Delmarva Broadcasting can also create and host a mobile friendly website for you. Today, it's crucial to present consumers a functional, easy to read and navigate website that works on mobile devices. Compare the example below for Domino's and see what a dramatic improvement a custom mobile website in making it easy for customers to engage your business.

Get started today. Contact Delmarva Broadcasting and we'll get started on a mobile strategy for your business.

SMS Texting

SMS stands for Short Message Service or text messaging. It's a great way to interact with consumers to deliver electronic coupons and to build a database of people who are fans of your business. Below is just one possible promotion to help build traffic on a traditionally slow evening, in this case Tuesday. Further prompts would allow the customer to opt in to your "fan club" and receive future offers automatically without having to text in for them.

Give it a try! We've set up a demonstration so you can see how this could work for you. Text the word YUM to 56221 from your phone for a special offer!

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